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Grading and Assessing Tips


A sample grading spreadsheet

Grading rubrics

A Rubric, Prompt and Sample Responses from Eastern Kentucky University


Grading Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets can be of great assistance in calculating students grades, as well as keeping them organized. A simple example of how to use a spreadsheet is shown below, and even though different spreadsheet packages are available, they are similar enough that this example could easily be modified for your particular package and your particular assessment system.

Of course, in your own spreadsheet, you would not have cells labelled 'Column 1' or 'Row 1,' these are included in this example as points of reference.

This would be a grading calculator where 6 papers are assigned throughout the semester, each weighted equally. The paper average counts for 65% of the grade, a journal counts for 20% of the grade, and participation 15%.


				Grade Calculator
Fill in Grades in column 3 below, the average	is then calculated for you
Column A Column B      Column C    Column D	
Row 7	Paper 1	          80	 80	
Row 8	Paper 2	          90	 85	
Row 9	Paper 3	          75	 81.66666667	
Row 10	Paper 4		           61.25	
Row 11	Paper 5		           49	
Row 12	Paper 6		           40.83333333	
Row 13	Total Paper Grade	   66.29166667	
	(Enter Grades in Column 3 cells Below)			
Row 18	Paper	         66		
Row 19	Journal	         90		
Row 20	Participation	 95		
Row 23	Paper Grade		  42.9	
Row 24	Journal Grade		  18	
Row 25	Participation Grade	  14.25	
Row 27	Total Grade		  75.15	


The formulas for the above spreadsheet printout are as follows:
The formulas are always entered into column D, in the following rows:
In row 7,enter:  =SUM(C7)
row 8, =SUM(C7,C8)/2
row 9, =SUM(C7,C8,C9)/3
row 10, =SUM(C7,C8,C9,C10)/4
row 11, =SUM(C7,C8,C9,C10,C11)/5
row 12, =SUM(C7,C8,C9,C10,C11,C12)/6
row 13, =SUM(D7:D12)/6
row 23, =SUM(C18*0.65)
row 24, =SUM(C19*0.2)
row 25, =SUM(C20*0.15)
row 27, =SUM(D23:D25)


Although this may seem like a lot of work, once you have created a master program, it can be copied and used for each of your students. This makes calculating grades as simple as inputting a couple of numbers, plus you have a handy record for each student, valuable for use at conference time and end-of-semester reports.

If you change the grading system, it is simple to alter the program to reflect this. The initial cost of time is well worth it in the long run.