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An adjective is a word which modifies a noun. It describes the noun, or names one of the characteristics of a noun.

For example, the following adjectives are underlined:

red car, sweet apple, dirty water

Circle the adjectives that describe the underlined noun or nouns in each sentence. (Words that you should circle are in italics.)

Example: The small red shiny beetle scampered down the green leaf.

1. Ten puppies are playing in the tall, green grass.

2. Where is the small frying pan?

3. Sam has a blue racing bicycle.

4. The black kitten was playing with a small red ball.

5. Do you know the man in the black leather jacket?

6. I have seven colored marking pens for school.

7. The city is big, dirty, and noisy.

8. Three ugly witches made a magic potion.

9. That is the biggest stuffed toy in the shop.

10. He ran through the wet muddy field.

11. Hand me the yellow plastic bowl.

12. The blue vase was broken by the naughty boy.

13. The black and white cat climbed the fence.

14. David has a red apple, but Sam has a green one.

15. Samís apple is sour.

Some adjectives modify nouns by telling WHICH ONE (this, that, those, these, any, each).

Underline the adjectives that tell WHICH ONE.

1) That puppy is sleeping.

2) This apple is bigger than that one.

3) Each child will receive an award.

4) I like those flowers better than these ones.

5) Are there any loaves of bread left?

6) Wasn't that movie great?

7) This pizza has pepperoni on it.

8) Are these the glasses you are looking for?

9) I will accept any offers.

10) This chair is much softer than that chair.



Some adjectives modify nouns by telling HOW MANY (several, few, many, one, all, seven).

Underline the adjectives in each sentence that tell HOW MANY.

1) There are five players on a basketball team.

2) Several days ago my dog went missing.

3) All of the students will receive a certificate.

4) There are many puppies for sale.

5) We ordered only one pizza.

6) How many ice cream cones did you want?

7) There are only a few newspapers left to deliver.

8) Sam rented two videos for tonight.

9) Several of the girls wanted to go skating.

10) There are fifty states in the United States.

11) Only a few of the students finished their project on time.

12) Tom Cruise has been in many films.

Some adjectives modify nouns by telling WHAT KIND (small, huge, blue, smelly).

Underline the adjectives in each sentence that tell WHAT KIND.

1) He is a good reader.

2) The small, brown puppy fell out of the basket.

3) David bought a new red scooter.

4) It is an action-adventure film.

5) The shiny black beetle crawled onto the red rose.

6) She has a fuzzy yellow cardigan.

7) The pig pen is smelly.

8) Sam has a beautiful red racing bicycle.

9) The naughty girl broke my new flower vase.

10) This book is long, dull, and boring.

11) He could hardly see through the thick gray fog.

12) David is tall, dark, and handsome.


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