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Adjectives modify by telling WHICH ONE, HOW MANY, WHAT KIND.

In the following sentences, underline all the adjectives.

Put a 1 over the word if it tells WHICH ONE.

Put a 2 over the word if it tells HOW MANY.

Put a 3 over the word if it tells WHAT KIND.


Example: Th1ese t2wo blue3berry pies are going to the cou3nty fair.


1. The brick chimney put out black smoke.

2. The apple trees need pruning.

3. The boy has two skateboards.

4. She has a younger sister.

5. That goat ate my new shoes.

6. My aunt bought six towels at the store.

7. The city zoo has two new elephants.

8. There are four pear trees in the orchard.

9. The dog found a red ball in the park.

10. That little old man is my grandfather.

11. The brown puppy is very frisky.

12. I want to ride the old, slow mare.

13. He saw a bright, shiny star in the sky.

14. Do you want that black kitten?

15. Sixteen people were sick yesterday.

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