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An adverb is a word which modifies (describes, tells something about) a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

Examples: quickly, very, sadly

Adverbs are used mostly to modify verbs. They answer the questions how?, when?, where?, and to what extent?.

Examples: slowly, every day, into the tent, very well

An adverbial phrase is a group of words which acts as an adverb.

Examples: on the road, as well as you are able, for an hour, in a hurry, as soon as it was bright, in the house, during the night.

Adverbs are usually used to modify verbs:

Circle the adverb in each sentence, and draw an arrow to the verb it describes.

1) The horse ran fast.

2) He tiptoed quietly.

3) The puppy hardly noticed the fly.

4) The radio blared loudly.

5) Quickly finish your breakfast.

6) The baby smiled sweetly.

7) The little girl sang happily.

8) Slowly, he finished.

9) He carelessly shrugged his shoulders.

10) The puppy played clumsily.


In the following sentences, underline the adverb and tell whether it answers the question how? or when?

1) She replied shyly. _________________

2) She fixed breakfast yesterday. _________________

3) I eat an apple every day. _________________

4) He will play later. _________________

5) We will start jogging next week. _________________

6) He laughed loudly. _________________

7) She skated smoothly. _________________

8) Let’s run quickly. _________________


Underline the adverb and tell whether it answers the question where? or to what extent?

1) We ran to the park. __________________

2) You shouldn’t ride your bike on the sidewalk. __________________

3) Go away. __________________

4) She can read very well. __________________

5) The elephant is awfully big. __________________

6) He hardly knows her. __________________


Underline the adverb or adverbial phrase in each sentence and tell which question it answers: where, when, how, or to what extent.

1) The rooster began to crow as soon as it was light. ___________________

2) The birthday party will take place in the park. ___________________

3) The baby takes a nap after every meal. ___________________

4) They waited for over two hours. ___________________

5) She can skate as well as you can. ___________________

6) I can finish my homework easily. ___________________

7) The cat naps during the day. ___________________

8) The boy spilled his paints in the floor. ___________________

9) He dances very well. ___________________

10) He hardly knew where to start. ___________________

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