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A noun is a word that is used to name a person, place, or thing.

Underline the nouns in the following sentences that name a person.

1. That girl is clever.

2. Mrs. Jones loves to ice skate.

3. There is a clown doing magic tricks in the mall.

4. My teacher is going to take us to the zoo.

5. My father takes us hiking every Saturday.

6. Sam always wants to play PlayStation.

7. The postman comes every day, except Sunday.

8. The baker makes great cakes.

9. Dr. Greene visits the hospital every day.

10. The waitress served us Coke.

11. The guest did the dishes.

12. Sam isnít feeling well.

13. That woman is sad.

14. Did you see the puppy?

15. Doctors work both day and night.

Underline the nouns that name a place.

1. They live in the country.

2. Antarctica is cold.

3. We are going to Spain for our holidays.

4. My aunt and uncle live in Texas.

5. Are you going to Russia?

6. Do you know someone who lives in Germany?

7. Where is Disneyland?

8. They were waiting for us on the beach.

9. The Millennium Dome is in England.

10. Are you going to the park tomorrow?

11. My sister went to the hospital.

12. I donít like to swim in the ocean.

13. The boat came into the dock.

14. Astronauts explored the moon.

15. The puppy must stay in the kitchen.

Underline the nouns that name a thing.

1. I like chocolate milk.

2. The flower vase is broken.

3. Who broke the statue?

4. I lost my calculator.

5. Sam loves to play basketball.

6. She has sixty stuffed toys.

7. They play music too loudly.

8. My brother bought a new bike.

9. Have you ever taken a ferry?

10. My sister likes chocolate chip cookies.

11. That painting is very nice.

12. Eating too much sugar is bad for you.

13. Do you like to go to the cinema?

14. My grandmother always gives us a special treat.

15. I saw a deer in the park yesterday.


Underline the nouns in the sentences. Tell whether the noun is a person, place, or thing.

1. Did you see the dog? ___________________

2. Where did mother go? ___________________

3. The birds are singing today. ___________________

4. He went to the shop. ___________________

5. Do you have an extra pencil? ___________________

6. I found an old coin. ___________________

7. Are you going with Sam? ___________________

8. Will you hand me the paint? ___________________

9. The newsstand is over there. ___________________

10. The boy is very hungry. ___________________

11. No, Sam isnít here now. ___________________

12. Go wait by the tree. ___________________

13. She broke her arm. ___________________

14. Where is the butter? ___________________

15. I like going into the city. ___________________

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