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Noun or Adjective?

Decide whether the underlined word in the following sentences is used as a noun or an adjective.


We are going to buy a pumpkin for a Jack-o-lantern this Halloween. ____noun___

Do you like to eat pumpkin seeds? ___adjective_


1. That is a beautiful oak tree. ____________

2. Will you build me a tree house? ____________

3. She always has an apple for lunch. ____________

4. I like apple pie with ice cream. ____________

5. My grandmother has a beautiful flower garden. ____________

6. That vase has a single flower in it. ____________

7. Barn owls are beautiful birds. ____________

8. Farmer Brown has a huge red barn. ____________

9. Which book do you want to read? ____________

10. He built a book shelf in his room. ____________

11. Hand me the blue dog collar. ____________

12. Sam has a new dog. ____________

13. I like that brown horse with the black mane. ____________

14. Is he going to the horse races this weekend? ____________

15. I need the blue cardboard to back this picture. ____________

16. Fill that cardboard box with these towels. ____________


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