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Pronoun Worksheet

Pronouns are often used in place of nouns.  There are singular pronouns such as:
    I, me, you, it, her, him, she, he

There are plural pronouns such as:
    they, them, us, we, and also you.

Possessive pronouns show ownership:
    my, our, her, his, your, its, their

Underline the pronouns in the sentences below.  Write whether they are singular, plural or possessive after the sentence.

1.  His car has been in the garage for days.

2.  Are you going to the theater tonight?

3.  Jim is going to study with them this afternoon.

4.  Jennifer has your book.

5.  My head is aching.

6.  They could not wait for the bell to ring.

7.  Where is he going now?

8.  I am going to the park this afternoon.

9.  Her dog needs to be vaccinated.

10.  The cat has a bell on its collar.