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Please be as brutally honest as possible!

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1) Is English enjoyable for you? Do you enjoy reading? Why or why not? What type of material do you enjoy reading the most? Why?

2) Do you feel that you make good grades in English class? Why do you feel this way? What do you think that you can do to improve your performance in class? Do you think anyone else could help you improve? How?

3) Do you like writing? Why or why not? What type of writing do you find to be the most enjoyable, or the least repulsive?

4) Are there many books in your home? Who owns them? What type of books are they?

5) Does your family buy many magazines or newspapers? Who buys them? What type of magazines are they?

6) Do you own a library card? How many visits do you make, on average, to the library each month? How many books do you check out, on average, each month?

7) Were you read to as a child? What are your memories of the experience? Have you read to anyone else? Tell me about the experience; how did it make you feel? How did the other person act? How do you think they felt?

8) Do you write in a diary or a journal? How often? How do you feel about writing in a diary or journal?

9) Do you write letters to other people? When? Why do you write the letters?

10) What do your parents do for a living? Your other relatives? What do you want to do? Why?

11) If you could hire someone to develop a software package to help you in your English class, what would you want the package to do? What activities would you like the package to have? In what way would you want it to help you?

12) If you could change anything, whether it is in the present or in the past, that you feel may help you achieve better grades in English, or make you a better English student, what would you change?

If you think of anything else that you would like to add, please do not hesitate to contact me about it.
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Thank You!

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