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Verb Worksheet

Verbs are words which usually show action or indicates what someone or something is doing.  It is often called a 'doing' word.

Example:  Dogs chase their tails.

Verbs have tensesTenses indicate whether the action is happening now, has happened in the past, or will happen in the future.

Present tense verbs indicate the action is happening now, in the present.
Past tense verbs indicate the action has already happened, in the past.  Usually, past tense verbs end in -ed.
    Example:  She sniffed the pepper, and sneezed.

If a verb ends in -e, just add a -d to make it past tense.

Below, write the present or past tense of the verb.

    Present                        Past

    walk                        ________

    jump                        ________

_________                    crawled

    invite                        ________

_________                      joked

_________                      looked

    skate                        ________

_________                    rolled

    laugh                        ________

Some verbs are irregular.  This means they become completely different words when used in the past tense.

Example:  I grow vegetables in our garden.
                Last year I grew corn and potatoes.


    Present Tense            Past Tense

        ride                              rode
        do                               did
        drive                            drove
        wear                            wore
        fight                             fought
        choose                        chose
        fly                                flew

Write ten sentences using the present and past tenses of five different irregular verbs.

Helping verbs are used with action verbs.
    Examples are:  can, might, should, will, would, may.
    He may run in the marathon on Saturday.
    I should exercise three times a week

Other verbs can act as helping verbs.
    Examples are:   is, are, was, have, had, were, has.
    John is acting in the play this weekend.
    We were going to the cinema to see the new film.

Using the helping verbs in the examples above, write twelve sentences.