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Science, Math and Statistics
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Science, Math and Statistics



            Conservation Groups


          Geology, Weather





            Zoology and Other Animal Sites


o       Tutoring, Games, Practice and Tools

o       Practice Algebra Online

o       Practice Geometry Online

o       Practice Math Online




o       Biology Online – Answers to All Your Questions

o       Biology Project

o       Iowa State Insects and Entomology Index

o       Online Biology Textbook

o       Scientific American – Biology




o       University of Texas Libraries Electronic Chemistry Library

o       Internet Resources for Chemistry


      Conservation Groups

o       Conservation International

o       Greenpeace

o       Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

o       Sierra Club

o       National Wildlife Federation

o       Wildlife Society

o       Wildlife Warriors – Australian Zoo



o       Animal Planet Television Channel

o       Franklin Institute Resources for Science Learning

o       National Geographic

o       Science Daily – Research news

o       Qualitative Research


o       Science and Technology Focus, Teachers’ Corner

o       Science Fair Projects




o       Science Olympiad


     Geography Geography Page

      Community and City Data

      Geography Zone

      Inenteractive Games










      US Geological Survey Page – Department of the Interior


      Links taken from University of New Hampshire Department of Geography

                                          Geographical organizations and academic departments


        Utilities and Calculators:



        Geographical organizations and academic departments

      Association of American Geographers

      American Geographical Society

      Canadian Association of Geographers

      GENIP (Geography Education National Implementation Project)

      Geography Departments Worldwide

      GEOSOURCE Web directory for Geographers

      Institute of Australian Geographers

      Interactive Map of Geography Departments in the United States and Canada

      International Geographic Information Foundation

      International Geographical Union

      National Council for Geographic Education

      National Geographic Society

      New England-St.Lawrence Valley Divison of the Association of American Geographers

      Royal Canadian Geographical Society

      Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers


        Starting points:

      Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection, University of Texas

      Odden's Bookmarks (15,500 Cartographic Links)

      University of Iowa CGRER Maps and References

      UC Berkeley Library Maps and Cartography Links

        Interactive maps:



      Maps On Us

      TopoZone-The Web's Topographic Map

      GIS Data Depot

      Tiger Map Server

      ArcData Online Make Quick Map

      National Geographic Map Machine


      MapTech MapServer: Topographic, Navigation and Aeronautical Maps and Charts online

      Online Map Creation

      Massachusetts Electronic Atlas

      Delorme EarthaMaps

        Other sources:

      World of Maps

      Map Societies Around the World

      USGS National Mapping Information

      US Census Bureau Mapping and Cartographic Resources

      National Atlas of the United States

      Ordnance Survey: Britain's National Mapping Agency

      National Atlas of Canada

      Maps 101: Topographic Maps, The Basics

      Atlas of Cyberspace

      GIS Internet Resources

        Utilities and Calculators:

      How Far Is It?

      Sun and Moon Rise and Set Calculator

      Surface and Great Circle Distance Calculator

      Coordinate Calculator Java Applet

      Local Times Around the World

      World Time: Interactive Atlas

      Tide Predictions


      Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names

      USGS Geographic Names Information System


o       Geological Society of America

o       Maps

o       Mining

         American Geological Institute, 4220 King St., Alexandria, VA 22302. Internet:

         American Petroleum Institute, 1220 L St. NW, Washington, DC 20005-4070. Internet:

         Energy Information Administration

         Environmental Literacy Organization

         EPA Guidelines

         Kentucky Coal Education

         KET Coal or Mining Links

         Mine Safety and Health Administration, 1100 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22209-3939. Internet:

         Mining – Safety and Health Research

         Mining Journal

         Mining Technology

         National Mining Association, 101 Constitution Ave. NW., Suite 500 East., Washington, DC 20001. Internet:

         United Mine Workers of America, 8315 Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA 22031. Internet:

o       United States Geological Survey - Links








o       Official Magazine of the Oceanography Society

o       Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego


      Zoology and Other Animal Sites

o       Humane Society of the U. S.

o       National Audubon Society

o       National Wildlife Federation

o       The Field Museum

o       U. S. Fish and Wildlife


o       Education Statistics

o       Kids Count Data Center

o       Research Randomizer: A quick way to generate random numbers or assign participants to experimental conditions.

o       Statistical Abstract of the United States  – National Data Book

o       Statistical Resources

o       U. S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics