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Teaching Resources

****The English Pages ****
This site has sections on composition, literature, basic skills, and technical writing. Components of the site include 'Workbook' which has sample assignments which focus on specific skills such as prewriting and revising, and 'Activity Center' which contains assignments utilizing the WWW. Included are links to electronic texts and media such as newspapers. Instructors' links include sites which deal with learning problems and disabilities and also list servs. This is an excellent resource for teachers and students alike, with citation guidelines, information on technical writing, sample essays, composition and research exercises, and more.

This site is an online novel writing project. Although the last chapter has been posted, it is worth visiting for ideas on brainstorming and creative writing collaboration.

Approaches to Media Education
A good site for teachers who are contemplating incorporating the teaching of media literacy into the classroom.

Blue Web'n is a well-layed out database of teaching resources such as lesson plans, literature sites, web-based tutorials and projects.

Classroom Ideas
A variety of classroom ideas, teaching units, handouts and other ideas.

Education World
Treasure trove for educators, including lesson plans, articles, employment opportunities and other resources.

English Exercises Online
Contains handouts to download and exercises to do online, as well as links to other online exercise sites.

Epiphany of the WWW
Contains links to syllabi and assignments.

Film Education
Resource for teachers who wish to incorporate film into the curriculum.

Gerald Lucas' Writing Site
This is the site of a University of South Florida teacher. It includes links for electronic publishing, citation methods, electronic texts, and search methods.

Lesson Plans
Covering a range of topics, this site is a treasure trove of lesson plans, including plans for the study of propaganda techniques.

Media Bias
Detailed articles on media bias and imbalance.

Real Writing
Especially tailored for Developmental English teachers.

Many resources for teaching English and for web writing, in particular.

Teaching Using Technology

The World Lecture Hall has links to English courses online.

CyberEnglish is a great site to check out if you are considering incorporating WWW into your English class. This is a truly comprehensive site, covering all aspects of teaching English electronically. (Especially check out the SyllaWeb.)

The Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction is a great place to be introduced to using the Web in Teaching in Learning. It also has a link to a Developmental English teacher's site which has a good example of an online syllabus.


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Writing Resources

Art of Writing
Awaken the writer in you! This site has articles, tips, and resources for writers, including online employment tips and possibilities. Also includes a 'bloopers' page.

Common Errors in English
At this site you may choose errors alphabetically, including commonly misspelled words and grammatical errors. Links to other pages include: An English Grammar site for British speakers, a Spelling Test, a primer on Non-Sexist Language, and Non-errors, a site for "those usages people keep telling you are wrong, but which are actually standard in English." Also included at this site are suggestions and essays on errors, such as "Garbage In, Garbage Out: Errors caused by over-reliance on Spell Checkers".

The English Department
A tongue-in-cheek site maintained by, evidently, a die-hard Star Trek fan. It contains advice on writing fanfic (fiction written by fans of particular tv shows or films) and also contains lists of common errors and how to avoid them.

The Paradigm Online Writing Assistant is a terrific site for the teaching of composition. There are in-depth explanations of all aspects of compositon, from invention to editing. This is one site you will want to have a look at.

Writers Complex
Resources for developing writing skills.  Has online exercises for punctuation and grammar.

Writing Argumentative Essays
Contains several good examples.

If you can imagine it, it will be here, from the Farmer's Almanac to the National Hurricane Center, from Acronyms and Area Codes to Zip Codes. This site has links to magazines, newspapers, and radio and television news sites. It also links to sites especially geared toward elementary students, secondary students, and college students, including a 'Homework Helper'.

Ask Eric
Loads of information for teachers at this site! The Virtual Library contains an incredible amount of resources on practically any teaching topic or area of research.

Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
By E. Cobham Brewer.

Elements of Style
Strunk's, online.

Encarta Online

Glossary of Literary Terms and Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
This site not only defines terms, but also has an online test. Use Netscape if you can, rather than Explorer, though, since the site tends to not work with MS Internet Explorer.

Humanities Information Gateway
As the title says, a gateway to Humanities resources.  Managed by Oxford University.

The Internet Public Library


Useful Sites for Research
Art Guide
Link to museums and galleries.

Big Issue
Magazine produced by the homeless.

Encyclopedia Britannica


Debate links---good places to find ideas for assignments as well as giving students a database for relevant links.

Debate Unit

University of Michigan High School Debate Site

Discovery Channel

Electronic Newstand
Link to various periodicals.

Environmental News Network
Keep up-to-date on environmental news.

The headlines of the day.

A good news site that highlights current issues, and it has a database of organizations linked to certain issues. For example, if you assign a paper dealing with a constitutional issue, such as the death penalty, the student can click on "Constitutional Issues" and be presented with various sites pertaining to these issues. The "civil rights" link returns sites as varied as "American Atheists," "Americans for Truth about Homosexuality" and "Amnesty International ," and that is just the "A's".

Link to Time, People, Entertainment Weekly, etc.

Scientific American

WorldWide News

Urban Legends Reference Pages
Rumors and legends galore -- divided into sections, including a section on Disney.  Look at the origins of urban legends and decide for yourself if they are true.

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Literature Links

American Literature Survey Site
Contains interactive texts and interpretations of American Literary works.

Anthology of Verse

EducETH: The English Page contains a database of works with links to author information and background information pertaining to the work

The English Server
Searches for literary title, author, or key-word.

George Orwell
Extensive site for the study of Animal Farm.

Harper Lee 1

Harper Lee 2
Two sites useful in the study of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Introduction to Literary Criticism
Summarizes some of the major figures in Literary Criticism/Critical Theory.

Literary Resources
Searchable index.

Literary Criticism
This site can be browsed by author, title, or literary period.

Literary Criticism on the Web
Literary criticisms indexed by author, plus links to general literary criticism sites.

Literary Resources on the Net

Literary Theory and Criticism: A Bibliography
Large collection of bibliographical items on literature and criticism (books, articles and web sites).

Text is annotated and hyperlinked. Also contains reviews and multimedia.

Novels Online
Classics online.

Poet's Corner
Features on poets, text of poems, bibliographies, and other links.

Pride and Prejudice
Hyperlinked text.

Project Bartleby
Contains several online texts.

Project Gutenberg
Cornucopia of online texts, from the ancient classics to modern works. There is a text file (updated monthly, currently it is over 167 kb) which can be downloaded so you may browse the works available at your leisure.

Prometheus Unplugged
Online texts of the Romantic era, plus works on Romanticism, links to Romantic Literature-related sites and a room where you can chat with others about Shelley, Byron, or whatever.

    Complete Works of Shakepeare
    Searchable, with links to other resources.

    Helps students grapple with the language of Shakespeare's time.

    Shakespeare's Stratford-Upon-the-Web
    All about Shakespeare, The Globe, History, Internet resources, and much more.

The Problem of Meaning in Literature
"How do we know what a work of literature is 'supposed to mean?"  This paper helps to answer that question.

Voice of the Shuttle
Guide for humanities research.  Has sections on literature, literary theory, cultural studies and other topic areas.

Writing papers of Literary Analysis
The fundamentals of essay writing.

WWW Resources for English and American Literature

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»Writing Labs and Writing Resource Centers

Deborah Weaver Parker's Web Site
Good example of a Developmental English teacher's web site, includes assignments.

University Writing Resources
This is a collection of writing lab links.

Bemidji State University Writing Resource Center
You can access a large number of links at this site (for other writing labs, for writing inspiration, and for examples of BAAAAD papers) as well as ask for assistance on papers and essays. Included at this site are tips and suggestions on proofreading, style and citation guides, handouts, resources for netiquette and CV writing as well as suggestions for the prevention of plagiarism.

Colorado College
This site has an online tutoring service. Writing resources include grammar, style, and mechanics help, and style guides.

Purdue University
OWL stands for Online Writing and Learning. This OWL gives access to over 130 handouts, covering all areas of composition. Also available at this site are search engines, writing resource links, teacher resource links and materials, as well as a very large databank containing links to OWLs around the world. There are resources specifically geared towards English as a Second Language students and writing in other disciplines.

University of Michigan
Another OWL, where you may send in your text for evaluation by online tutors. This site also contains handbooks, handouts, and links to other OWLs.

University of Missouri
At this site you can chat with others about your writing or you may submit text for review by a tutor. Although U of M students claim priority, the online tutors make every effort to assist you with your queries as well.

University of Richmond
This site contains a writing handbook, conveniently divided into sections pertaining to the stages of writing, punctuation, sentence structure, mechanics, etc. The handbook is designed and maintained by U of R students and faculty. You will find an abundance of essays and advice on the writing process here.

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Conferences, Organizations, Groups

Conference on Basic Writing Reading List
This is a list of recommended texts for those interested in the study of basic writing. Think of it as an ongoing compilation of work that scholars active in the field of basic writing have found useful; as such, expect that this list will continue to evolve. There are also links to certain works.

Conference on Basic Writing
"CBW's goal is to provide a site for professional and personal conversations on the pedagogy, curriculum, administration, and social issues affecting basic writing. The intent of this webpage is to build on the CBW mission by providing resources to further the study of basic writing in various contexts." This site includes a smaller version of the above list, plus a list serv and links to related organizations and groups. Links include National Association for Developmental Education, Rhetnet (cyberjournal for rhetoric and writing), Readings for Reading and Writing (with downloadable readings), Alliance for Computers and Writing (with a link to SyllaBase, the future classroom), and Computers and Composition. This is a very good adult literacy site.

Center for Research on Developmental Education and Urban Literacy
This "is a collaboration among staff and faculty in the General College, the Department of Education and Human Development, and Disability Services. This project is funded by the Graduate School of the University of Minnesota. This research center is in its two-year implementation phase (July 1, 1998 to June 30, 2000) and has currently established the following research mission:

» Providing a forum for the development and support of research projects which promote an interdisciplinary approach to issues affecting postsecondary developmental education and urban literacy.

» Connecting individuals from campus and community organizations and creating opportunities for research and collaboration in the areas of K-12, postsecondary, and community literacy projects.

» Presenting monthly research forums to share research projects, encourage participation, and increase publicity for the center, its affiliates, and their work.

» Identifying graduate students researching these issues on campus and connecting them with other students and faculty specialists in the field."

Educause Institute
The homepage of Educom, a nonprofit consortium of higher education institutions promoting the use of information resources in teaching, learning, scholarship, current issues and research. A valuable organization for college-level teachers and students. The site includes information on conventions, publications, Educom administration, and more.

National Association for Developmental Education

National Center Adult Literacy

National organization for English Teachers

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Basic Literacy and Learning Disability Resources

Able Net
This is a technical resource center for Adult Basic and Literacy Education practitioners. It provides support for the application of technology in the classroom. There are links to many resources for technology in the classroom and adult literacy.

Adult Literacy and Technology Network

Dyslexia Research

George's Links -- Dyslexia
Has links to newsgroups, software, and other dyslexia related sites.

Language Based Learning Disability
Contains information on current research and news. Also contains games.

Literacy Trust
Contains a variety of information for anyone interested in developing literacy skills.

Literacy Volunteers of America
Home site for tutors of adult literacy.

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GENERAL WRITING RESOURCES (taken from Longman English Pages Site)

Write Your Way to a Higher GPA: Indispensable Writing Resources
You'll find everything on and off the Net that you could possibly need in writing or researching a paper, including links to all sorts of reference material, links to writing labs, links to Web search engines, and links to writing-related Web sites.

Writing Wrong: 10 Common Stumblers -- by Marthy W. Johnson, Copyediting Services, of Anchorage, Alaska.
Writing tips on correcting manglers, potholes, wimp words, creationism, vicious verbs, runonandnons, gender benders, reruns, overkill and painful pronouns.

11 Rules of Writing -- a service of Junket Studies of northern New Jersey.
A concise guide to the most commonly violated rules of writing, with examples of proper usage.

A Journal of Composition Theory Online
JAC Online provides abstracts of articles in current volumes of JAC: A Journal of Composition Theory. The complete texts of current issues are available in print form only. However, the complete texts of archived issues are available online to all users.

A Guide for Writing Research Papers--based on MLA documentation
The site offers help in gathering, interpreting, and documenting information, developing and organizing ideas and conclusions, and communicating them clearly. It covers research techniques, citation formats for most (but not advanced) academic purpose

eBLAST: Encyclopedia Britannica's Internet Guide
The Thinking Person's Guide to the Web. Daily features such as (on 10/16/98) BOOKMARKS OF THE SMART & FAMOUS (Cybergrrl Aliza Sherman is ready for her close-up, should the day ever come.), VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES (From big cities to small towns, Howard Rheingold shows how you can become ensnared in a web of online communities. That's a good thing.), SITE OF THE DAY (Getting fresh with The Blue Dot.), NEW TO THE NET (A dose of historical perspective on the Clinton scandal, courtesy of Lisa Napoli and the World Wide Web.), NETEVENTS (Our up-to-the-minute listings of chats and other online events. Featured today: Hear Mary McAleese, president of Ireland, discussing free speech at 2:00 PM CT.), BEST OF THE WEB (Check out the Net's top sites, handpicked by Britannica's diligent editor-experts.), BRITANNICA ONLINE® (Daypass subscriptions now available.), BRITANNICA QUICK SEARCH (One quick click gets you desktop access to the entire suite of online Britannica products: eBLAST, Britannica Online, and the Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus. An incredible total reference tool -- and it's absolutely free! -- available in both PC and Macintosh versions. Getty Information Institute Vocabularies [definitive answers on artist and place name spellings].

Garbl's Writing Resources On Line
An annotated directory of web sites focusing on English language, grammar, style, writing, usage, words, reference sources, word play, books on writing and on-line writing experts. [Thanks go to Gary B. Larson of Seattle for creating this comprehensive site.]

Big Dog's Grammar -- G&S Services, an editing, language instruction and resume writing firm in Amarillo, Texas.
A bare bones guide to grammar for beginning students and as a quick review; includes a guide to MLA citation and interactive on-line exercises.

Modern English Grammar -- Department of English, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Ill.
"Hypertextbook" covering English clauses, phrases, word structure, grammatical style, punctuation and even the Ebonics debate.

On Line English Grammar -- The Digital Education Network, United Kingdom.
Thorough, reader-friendly explanations and examples of grammar terms and concepts -- from adverbs to nouns to verb.

Grammar and Style Notes -- Jack Lynch, former journalist and fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in English literature at the University of Pennsylvania. An excellent miscellany of grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style and suggestions on usage.

Grammar Girl's Guide to the English Language -- author an experienced technical, scientific and newsletter/magazine editor. "Rules of Thumb," pet peeves and quirks about capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentences, etc.

Grammar Handbook -- Writers' Workshop, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Explains and illustrates the basic grammatical rules for parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentences and sentence elements, and common problems of usage.

Grammar Slammer -- On-line version of a commercial product by English Language Experts of Shelton, Conn.
Grammar and writing rules and tips using the familiar Windows Help file format.

Grammar Rock -- Based on the ABC TV show "Schoolhouse Rock," though not officially affiliated with the company.
Lyrics and music from songs about adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, interjections, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, subjects and predicates.

Capitalization -- Langley Research Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Hampton, Va. From "A Handbook for Technical Writers and Editors."

Common Grammar, Usage, & Spelling Problems -- by David McMurrey of Austin Community College, Texas. Covers grammar, punctuation, usage and spelling problems that give people the biggest headaches.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Prepared by Professor of English/Humanities Charles Darling for English courses at Capital Community-Technical College and for the general online public. Includes grammar topics dealing with sentence, paragraph, and essay; over 100 interactive quizzes, a place to post questions (with an archived log available), and lots of links to other resources.

A site that parallels an introductory grammar course, produced by the Writing Centre at the University of Ottawa. Contents include information on and links to The Parts of Speech, The Parts of the Sentence, Punctuation, Using Pronouns, Using Verbs, Modifiers, Building Phrases, Building Clauses, Building Sentences, Writing Paragraphs, Diction, Spelling, and Miscellaneous Topics.

Word for Word
Click and ye shall find . . . the origins of unusual words and phrases - FREE! Words and phrases discussed include hoi polloi and hangar, the cliche It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, the recent mosh pit and the much older smellfungus - which has no relation to cut the mustard.
Site presents vocabulary, idioms, and grammar practice in an interesting way, such as through games and quizzes. It involves interactive participation. Students can subscribe to "A Word A Day by E-mail" for free and receive a word daily in their mailbox. Students can improve listening and reading together by downloading sounds and listening to them, and then reading the text. "Fluency through Fables" allows students to choose an exercise like "Vocabulary Matching Exercises" or "Written Discussion Exercises," after reading a short fable.

Acronym Finder
Look up 62,000 acronyms/abbreviations & their meanings. A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.
This site calls itself an electronic classroom and facilitates the teaching of English Composition and Literature at the University of South Florida by making course policies, syllabi, and specific assignments readily available to the student. The instructors have also provided various apropos links to assist students in improving their writing and familiarity with the Internet and its resources, and Littalk, the class listserv. A student projects page contains links to present and former student hypertext projects.

A newsgroup on the English language.
Participants discuss how particular words, phrases and syntactic forms are used; how they originated; and here in the English-speaking world they're prevalent.

The alt.usage.english FAQ File -- Mark Israel.
Answers frequently asked questions about the newsgroup and comments on recommended language books, pronunciation, usage disputes, punctuation, word and phrase origins, spelling and other topics.

The Arrow -- developed by Colin Wilcox, technical writer and web developer, formerly of Western Washington University, Bellingham. "An easy, fast outlining tool that helps you find your voice, organize your thoughts, untangle kinked prose, unstick your frozen brain, and stir your creative juices."

Common Errors in English -- Paul Brians, Department of English, Washington State University, Pullman. An alphabetical listing of words and phrases that are frequently misspelled, used incorrectly and confused with other words or phrases.

Criscadian's Active Voice -- by James A. Ayers of Criscadian Editorial Services, a commercial firm in Aurora, Colo. Provides practical, useful advice with a unique Body of Verbs thesaurus, Quick Tips with ideas and tricks for better writing and a Self-Critique Test for Writers.

Deadwood Phrases -- Battelle's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland and Sequim, Wash. "Deadwood is as useless in technical documents as it is in trees. Your writing will be clearer if you prune these phrases!"

Eliminating Generic-Male Language: Political Statement or Just Good Writing? -- Jennifer Griffith, The Writing Center, Roane State Community College, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Gender-Free Pronoun FAQ -- "The John Chao Center for Not Doing Something Else" (really!), Newark, Del. A general and specific discussion of gender-free alternatives to gendered pronouns, including answers to frequently asked questions.

Grammar Grabbers -- Bill Cutler, Canadian free-lance writer/editor. "Professional Tips for the Amateur Writer (a not-so-serious guide)"

LEO: Literacy Education Online -- The Write Place, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minn. Hyperlinked help, including advice on business writing, grammar, the writing process, punctuation, sentence structure and types of writing.

Monthly Writing Tips -- by Niva Inc., a technical documentation and communications firm in Ottawa, Canada. Check here regularly for the latest tip, or take a look through some of the previous tips. You'll find hints on grammar, style, formatting and other related topics.

Online Styleguide -- National Public Radio.
An alphabetical listing of commonly misused or misunderstood words and concepts -- and explanations of correct punctuation, usage, grammar and pronunciation.

Perspicuity ... The English Language in Cyberspace -- created by web page designer, type font maker and screenwriter David Siegel. An entertaining and useful discussion of various pet peeves in writing.

Sharp Points -- Bill Walsh, copy editor for the Washington Post. "I guess you could call these rants. I'm not actually foaming at the mouth, but if you watched me on the job you'd probably see me slap my forehead and gaze skyward each time I run into these all-too-common writing problems."

Simpler Words and Phrases -- Patricia H. Westheimer and Robert B. Nelson, from "The Perfect Letter," 1990. "Instead of this . . . , try this . . . ."

Suggestions for Rewriting Prose -- Rensselaer Writing Center, Troy, N.Y.
Eighteen clear suggestions with examples of faulty usage and better usage.

Tips, Tools & Ideas to Improve Your Writing -- ACI Writing Assistance Center of San Francisco, "Term Paper, Thesis & Dissertation Specialists" A growing list of writing tips covering such topics as punctuation, professional writers' secrets, passive voice, paraphrasing and palindromes.

Handy-Dandy Directories and Search Engines





A search engine designed for you in mind.


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"Plagiarists are always suspicious of being stolen from." Samuel Taylor Coleridge
(Link taken from Bemidji State University Writing Center Web Site)

Citing Print Sources

Citing Electronic Sources

Just For Fun

School Sucks
Let's be honest, we've all held this sentiment at one time or another. This is a fun site containing ready-made essays---none of which should ever be used in a real situation! It also, ironically, gives advice on avoiding plagiarism.

Useless Knowledge

Search for books using plot, character, style. Or setting.





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