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Peer Review Form

Ms. Dinah Owens, Somerset Community College, Somerset KY  

Writer: _____________________



1. Does this introduction catch your attention?  Explain.

2. Circle the thesis.  Now, paraphrase the thesis.

3. What will be revealed/discussed in later paragraphs?

Paragraph 2

1. Circle the topic sentence.  Now, paraphrase the topic sentence.

2. How does this topic sentence support the thesis?

3. Does each piece of textual evidence support the topic sentence?  Draw a wavy line under any textual evidence that does not seem to help prove what the topic sentence claims.

4. What is your response to the writer's explanation/argument?

5. If sufficient evidence and explanation are not supplied, point out places where it is needed.  (Write on the draft.) If any clarification is needed, explain where and give suggestions on how to remedy.

Additional Supporting Paragraphs: On a separate sheet of paper, answer the above questions for each additional supporting paragraph.

1. Is the ending satisfying?  Why or why not?

2. "So what?"  Paraphrase the writer's answer to this question.

General Comments
1. Read through the entire essay.  Comment on transitions from one idea to the next.

2. Comment on documentation of the sources.  Can you -- as a reader -- understand who says what and why?  Are there any
raw quotes?

3. Comment on general style, format, grammar, etc.


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