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Some Sample Syllabi and Assignments (say THAT three times fast!)

(Assignment sheets include forms for peer review, analysis, and prompts for writing.)

Assignments for Literature classes
Assignments for Writing classes
Syllabi for Literature classes
Syllabi for Writing classes




Literature Assignments

Forms to use in general reading assignments   (These forms assist the student in focusing on the text.)
Reading Response Questions for English 212 (World Literature II)



Writing Assignments


Comparison / contrast assignments

Narrative assignments

    Collaborative Writing

Evaluation assignments

Persuasive assignments

Cause and Effect assignments

Prompts / topics for writing and Journal assignments
    Prompts, Topics for Writings, EKU
    Topics for Assignments
Peer review forms
    Peer Review Form, Dinah Owens

Syllabi for Literature Classes


Syllabi for Writing Classes
    Developmental English, EKU


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