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Style 42 & Krafty Rue

Internet Resources
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*    Search Tools, Libraries, Reference Sources and Indexes


*      Careers


*    Computers, Technology, Internet


*      Education

o       Textbook Publishers’ Companion Websites

o       Educational Games for Kids

o       Educational Psychology

o       Scholarship and Funding Information

o       Schools (universities and colleges)

o       Teaching, including teacher resources and homework help

o       Testing, including test preparation


*      English and Literature

o       General

o       Book Recommendations and Reviews, Library Reader Advisory and Informational / Suggestion Sites

1.      If you like ….. you’ll enjoy …

         Bookstores Online (new and used) and Book Search


         Library Discussion Boards

         Library Reader Advisory and Informational / Suggestion Sites

         Online Book Clubs and Online Reading Groups


o       Literature

o       Writing

         Creative Writing

         General Writing Skills, Handbooks and Guides

         Online Publishing, self-published fiction, articles, etc.


*      Entertainment – Film, Theatre, Music, Art, Television

o       Art

o       Dance

o       Film

o       Music

o       Television

o       Theatre


*      For Fun

o       Psuedojournalism


*      Genealogy – Indexes, Records, Cemetery Listings


*      Government

o       Federal

o       Kentucky


*      Grants / Fundraising


*      Kentucky / Local


*      Legal and Justice Related

o       Activist Groups / Activism

o       Civil Rights and Tolerance

o       Corrections and Juvenile Justice Related Links

o       Courts and the Justice System

o       Criminal Justice and Fire Safety Related Links

o       Criminology Links


*      Medical

o       Asthma and Allergies

o       Cancer

o       Cardiology

o       General


*      Medicare / Elderly Concerns


*      Museums Education


*      News, Magazines and Newspapers

o       Television

o       Print


*    Philosophy (coming soon)


*      Science, Math and Statistics

o       Biology

o       Chemistry

o       Conservation Groups

o       General

o       Geology, Weather

o       Geography

o       Hydrology

o       Oceanography

o       Psychology, Sociology

o       Statistics

o       Zoology and Other Animal Sites


*      Social and Community Resources – Self-Help Groups, Etc.


*      Social Studies and History

o       American History, General     

o       American Revolution

o       Biographies

o       Civil War

o       Criminology

o       WWI

o       WWII 


o       Religious


*      Sports


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